Families & Community

Connecting to the principles of partnerships and respect for diversity, our educators respect each family’s values and beliefs and we encourage family involvement and appreciate their contributions. Additional needs of families and children are supported by our inclusive practices and culture, with high expectations and making a stand for equity.

We value the cultural and social contexts of children, their families and educators, this reflects our community. At Little Diggers all children will develop and grow, meeting new people and making new friends. Partnerships with families are vital, as they are the child’s first teacher and together anything is possible.

All parents are welcome at any time to visit our Centre. Feel free to make yourself a cup of coffee or tea in our staff kitchen and then observe the various programs and experiences being organised and provided for your child. No prior arrangement is necessary, just call in if you have the time. All parents are encouraged to attend regular meetings with our Staff to provide you with the opportunity to discuss any problems or queries you may have regarding the operation of our Centre. Please read the noticeboards and newsletters sent home regularly to keep up to date with your child’s experiences.