At Little Diggers Preschool and Childcare Centre, we believe in quality education and care of young children in a safe environment; and the value of play. We believe in being responsive to children and that every child is a special, unique individual that needs support, encouragement, guidance, understanding and time.

Adopting a holistic approach, our Centre aims to provide the children with a wide variety of experiences and opportunities through play. Also, to practise skills in all the underlying areas of development, those being:

  • Cognitive – thinking, problem solving, investigating and discovering;

  • Fine and gross motor – creative and sense of self;

  • Social / emotional – social living and learning;

  • Language – communication; and

  • Self-help – prompting the development of skills.

Extending on this for each child, in relation to their identity, community, wellbeing, learning and communication from the Early Years Learning Framework learning outcomes. Through assessing and monitoring children’s play we reflect on their learning, development and interests – using their agency. All of this informs our planning and implementation of future opportunities and experiences, which is supported by intentional teaching and children achieving the learning outcomes. We see children as competent, capable learners and connecting with their interests, children will be encouraged to participate in a positive, non-threatening, supportive environment, promoting scaffolding. We believe in ongoing learning through reflective practise for all. Our Educators come together from their different life experience and as a team we support and embrace what each member contributes to the service.

We acknowledge that there are three teachers… parents, educators and the environment. We believe in connecting children with our environment and the world around us, being environmentally responsible through sustainable practices.

We value the cultural and social contexts of children, their families and educators, this reflects our community. At Little Diggers all children will develop and grow, meeting new people and making new friends. A Statement added in 2005, which reflects what we feel we have at Little Diggers …

“We have here children and adults who are looking for the pleasure of playing, working, talking, thinking and inventing things together. They are trying to get to know both each other and themselves, to understand how the world works and how it could be made to work better, and be enjoyed in friendship.”

Connecting to the principles of partnerships and respect for diversity, our educators respect each family’s values and beliefs and we encourage family involvement and appreciate their contributions. Additional needs of families and children are supported by our inclusive practices and culture, with high expectations and making a stand for equity.


To provide continuity in experiences and enable successful transitions we help the children to make the transition from the Sparkles room to the Pre-School Sunshine room and from Little Diggers to Big School, as smoothly as possible. Allowing a sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming through each transition along the way.


Our Broad Goal was developed from the NSW Curriculum Framework - The Practice of Relationships (p20) and directly reflects the Belonging, Being & Becoming which is part of the Early Years Learning Framework. With this in mind we will continue to promote relationships that support children to:

  • Feel a sense of belonging;

  • See themselves as constructive contributors to a community;

  • See themselves as valued, unique and powerful human beings;

  • Show caring and respect for one another and the world around them; and

  • Be effective communicators, work together, share ideas, develop and grow in all areas.


We embrace change as we face challenges and move toward continual improvement.