Belonging – Being – Becoming

We endeavour to accommodate and integrate children and families with additional needs.

Little Diggers operates under an inclusive, anti-bias child care program in which:

  • all children belong equally and each individual is valued for their unique attributes,

  • all children are allowed to fully participate and succeed at their own level, and

  • diversity is celebrated and children are empowered to recognise and challenge bias.


The goals of this program include, for each child to:

  • feel good about who they are;

  • feel comfortable with similarities and differences in others,

  • recognise bias and stereotype and to know they can hurt, and

  • be able to stand up for themselves and others when bias occurs.

We aim to provide culturally relevant programs which truly reflect the lives of all children, families, staff and the community. Our Centre also aims to provide culturally responsive child care by affirming individual differences and the right of people to make choices about their own lifestyle. We celebrate the multiculturalism within our community, as it enriches our program at Little Diggers.