Sunshine Preschool Room (3 Years - 5 Years )

​Staff are aware of the skills and experiences children need to become successful learners at school. Experiences are designed to encourage children to progress from one developmental stage to the next at their own pace. Children in this group will be immersed in all areas of the Early Years Learning Framework: identity, community, wellbeing; learning and communication.  Activities to support the children's development will  include music, drama/movement, social studies, dance, science/natural environment, art/design, early literature and maths. Children are usually responsible for their own toileting and hand washing and are encouraged to become independent in hygiene practices. We encourage community involvement, which includes visits with the community, and resource people are used wherever possible to enhance children’s learning.  Children are also involved in the Kinder Start Orientation Program through the Lightning Ridge Central School to become ready to go to school the following year.

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